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1 in 3 people have

fatty liver disease

and don't know it

The top 5 leading causes of death in modern society can all be traced back to Fatty Liver disease. On average, Fatty Liver steals up to 10 years in life expectancy.

Join our team of Doctors and Naturopaths as we guide you in early detection and prevention of one of the most alarming global health crisis of the 21st Century.

Assess your risk

How our fatty liver program works

Assess your risk of Fatty Liver disease

Fatty Liver is silent. But since liverdiseases affect every vital system,your body will give out hints. We'll look for them.

Get your personalized program

You will be recommended the best program to achieve and maintain the health of your Liver: the most important organ.

Get support from our Science Care

Count on us to support you along your Liver Health journey. Contact us at any time. We're happy to help.

Fatty Liver Disease affects all ages and lifestyles

Optimal liver


(i.e BMI over 25)

Fast foods

(i.e 3 menus per week)


(i.e 1 Frappucino a day)


(i.e 2 glasses of wine a day)


(i.e living in city center)


(i.e 1 painkiller per day)

What people are saying
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4.8 based on 475 reviews
A great investment 
on your health!
I recommend this product
“Easy to use and i felt less bloating.”
Feeling great
I recommend this product
“Feeling great after 21 days and my skin is looking amazing!”
My liver and kidney...
I recommend this product
“My liver and kidney numbers looked good. I will continue to use this product. Now, if you only had something for high blood pressure.”
Feeling the results daily
I recommend this product
“Really impressed with the detox supplement and looking forward to trying other by biocol.. taste great and very motivating..”
This product is excellent!...
I recommend this product
“This product is excellent! I am mid-way through my second week and I have noticed improvements in my skin (unexpected bonus), my belly has less bloat, and my interest in junk food has seriously decreased. I feel great and it tastes great!”
Delicious, easy, effective, measurable results.
I recommend this product
“I tried the 7 days reset and it seemed easier to drop the weight, even though I have not changed my eating habits. I lost about a pound every 3 days on average for about 3 weeks after using this delicious product! So I am going to do it again.”
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