30 Fat Blockers

Save 25%

Block 40% of fat from any meal, preventing its accumulation as belly fat or visceral fat (e.g. in your liver). 

Ideal to: 

Reduce damage from unhealthy foods / Prevent Belly Fat accumulation

Contains: 6 Something® for the Calorie Bombs

Recommended use: 

- Fat Blocker (2 pills) before eating unhealthy carbs or fats.

The product in detail

How to use

Take 2 pills before eating.


Prevents weight gain from caloric meals by blocking the absorption of 40% of fat (preventing its accumulation as body fat), and inhibiting the digestion of carbohydrates.

Regulates appetite hormones and makes you feel full for longer

Prevents Glucose Spikes by improving sugar and fat metabolism.

Prevents high cholesterol and triglycerides by reducing lipid deposits in the body.

Regulates constipation by supporting normal levels of bowel hormones.

Key ingredients

vitamin C

vitamin B6



white bean extract


Customer reviews

Protect your liver   
protect your health

Benefits of a fully functioning liver:

50% less risk of Heart Disease

Regulated Cholesterol & Triglycerides

Reduced Belly and Visceral Fat

Increased Energy & Improved Sleep

Better Skin & Hair Health

Reduced Systemic Inflammation

Balanced Immune System

Reduced risk of Kidney Stones

Regulated Blood Sugar levels

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