5 reasons why you should care about Fatty Liver

Reduces Life Expectancy from 3 to 10 years

Today, research shows that an unhealthy liver affects your heart, brain, kidneys, muscles, bones, hormones, gut, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, immunity and libido, just to name a few.

Doubles the chances of Cardiovascular Diseases

Fatty Liver is associated with an increased risk for future cardiovascular disease, including coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and arrhythmia.

It damages your Brain function

Recent studies have shown that people with fatty liver disease have impaired thinking and decreased brain activity when compared with others.
The reduced brain volume linked to Fatty Liver is equivalent to an extra 4.2 years of ageing for people in their 60s and early 70s or an extra 7.3 years of ageing for people under age 60.

More likely to develop type 2 Diabetes

Research indicates that Fatty Liver disease may contribute to pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Because the liver plays such an important role in regulating the body’s blood sugar, the buildup of fat in the vital organ makes it harder to control fasting glucose levels. 

It weakens your Immune System

It has been proven that the presence of excess fat in the liver in patients with Fatty Liver disease correlates positively with the values of WBC, which, by means of neutrophils and lymphocytes, play a key role in the body's immune defense

Biocol’s science team has been studying the Liver for 45 years. As experts, we have developed a quiz to determine the right Detox Program for you, depending on your lifestyle. 

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